PD Guitars is a guitar workshop. We specialize in guitar set-up and repairs as well as building custom guitars and guitar electronics. We can also help you choose guitar parts and accessories according to your sound preferences.

Piotr Tomasz Długosz

Owner, tech and guitars maniac

My guitar adventure has begun fifteen years ago when I got my first guitar.  At first I was enchanted by the instrument, but through the years when I learned how to play and improved my technique, I changed my guitars, amps and effects quite often. The reason for that was me noticing that sound and playing comfort did not meet my expectations. Finally, I decided to fix all my problems myself. I have built my first guitar 10 years ago. In the process of searching for the sound which I had in my head I changed guitar parts, modified amplifiers and guitar effects. Five years ago I was full-time guitar repair tech in a luthier workshop "Violinex" in Poland. My workload was large, several guitars set-ups per day, repairs of damaged and broken instruments, repairs og guitar amps, guitar effects and much more. In 2014, I moved to Norway and decided to continue the magical sound story, PD Guitars story.

Dariusz wójcik

Wood expert

I'm the right hand of our head technician when it comes to working with wood. Over 30 years of "wooden "experience, I got to build both small and big things, like furniture and houses. Im obssesed with details, especially in acoustic guitars. I also like to experiment with different materials and shapes so be sure you'll get to see some unique instruments.
I'm also the punisher when workshop gets messy. Fun fact about me, my love to wood is just like my belly - gets bigger with every year.

sylwester śliwka

Mr. Organizer

I'm the one who responds to your emails or Facebook questions. Some facts about me, I was made and raised in Poland, have been aging in Norway since 2009. My background is different than you may expect, I'm educated in graphic design and communication. How am I contributing? Putting it simple, I take care of the visual part of the company and management. I attended Norwegian schools, therefore you contact us in norwegian, english or polish.